High School Reunion

High School Reunion

A high school reunion is an event where former classmates from a high school come together to reconnect and reminisce about their shared experiences. Usually, high school reunions are held several years after graduation, such as 5, 10, 20, or 30 years. They can be organized by the school itself or by a group of alumni. The purpose of a high school reunion is to give former classmates an opportunity to catch up with each other, see what everyone has been up to since graduation, and share memories and stories from their time in high school. High school reunions can take many forms, from informal gatherings at a local restaurant to formal events at hotels or banquet halls. Here is a list of activities that alumni can do for each different common location for the reunion.


Local Restaurant

  • Trivia Game: This game involves creating a list of trivia questions about the high school, its staff, and its alumni. The questions can be about events that occurred during the time the attendees were in high school or about what has happened since then.
  • Two Truths and a Lie: In this game, each person tells three statements about themselves - two true and one false. The others have to guess which statement is false.
  • Name that Tune: This game involves playing short clips of popular songs from the time the attendees were in high school. Participants have to identify the name of the song and artist.



Hotel or Banquet Hall

  • Photo Guessing Game: This game involves displaying a series of photos from high school, such as class photos or yearbook pictures, and asking attendees to guess who is in the picture.
  • Karaoke: This game involves setting up a karaoke machine and allowing attendees to sing their favorite high school era songs.
  • Silent Auction: A silent auction is a type of auction where bids are written on a sheet of paper or a clipboard rather than being called out by an auctioneer. The items up for bid are typically on display, and attendees can write down their bids at any time during the event. At the end of the auction, the highest bidder for each item wins. Silent auctions are often used as a fundraising tool for charities and non-profit organizations, as well as for other events such as school fundraisers or galas.



High School

  • 9 Square: 9 Square is an outdoor game that is played with a large inflatable or metal frame that is divided into nine smaller squares. Each player stands in their own square, and the objective of the game is to eliminate players from other squares by bouncing a ball into their square. The rules are, Set up the frame and divide into nine squares, with each player standing in their own square. The player in the center square starts the game by bouncing the ball into one of the other squares. The player in that square must hit the ball into another square, and so on. If a player fails to hit the ball into another square, they are eliminated and must leave the game. Variations of the game include adding rules such as no holding the ball or no hitting the ball with the same hand twice in a row.
  • Scavenger Hunt: This game involves creating a list of items or activities that attendees must complete, such as finding a certain person, taking a photo with a former teacher, or collecting items related to high school memories.

 Cruise Ships

  • Water parks and pools: Many cruise ships have onboard water parks with exciting water slides, wave pools, and lazy rivers. These water-based attractions are perfect for a day of fun in the sun.
  • Onboard entertainment: Cruise ships offer a wide range of entertainment options, from Broadway-style shows and live music to comedy acts and magic shows. There are also game shows, trivia contests, and dance parties that take place throughout the day and into the night.
  • Sports and recreation: Cruise ships typically have a variety of sports and recreational activities to choose from, such as basketball courts, mini-golf courses, rock climbing walls, and even ice-skating rinks. You can also participate in organized sports tournaments or classes, such as yoga or spinning.



High school reunions offer a unique opportunity for former classmates to reconnect and reminisce about their shared experiences. The benefits of attending a high school reunion are numerous, from rekindling old friendships to networking and finding new business opportunities. High school reunions also allow alumni to celebrate their accomplishments since graduation and to reflect on their personal growth and development over the years. Moreover, attending a high school reunion can help individuals develop a greater sense of community and belonging. By seeing old classmates and catching up with their lives, attendees can feel a renewed sense of connection to their school and the people who made it such an important part of their lives. Whether you're looking to reconnect with old friends or just curious to see how your former classmates have fared over the years, attending a high school reunion is an experience that can enrich your life in many ways.

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High School Reunion

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