Two small children holding on to an orange colored hula hoop.

The Top 15 Hula Hoop Games for P.E. That'll Get Kids Moving!


Physical education (P.E.) classes are all about keeping kids active and engaged. One fantastic tool that has stood the test of time in P.E. is the trusty hula hoop. These colorful hoops aren't just for hip-swiveling fun; they're versatile tools for fostering physical activity and developing essential motor skills. In this article, we'll explore the top 15 hula hoop games for P.E., ensuring your students get moving and having a blast!

1. Hula Hoop Flip

Hula hoop flip is an easy hula hoop game that anyone can learn instantly! Start by dividing your class into 4 teams. The game begins with each team positioned behind a starting line. Provide every team with a hula hoop and a bean bag.

At the start signal, the first child on each team tosses the beanbag, aiming to either make it touch their hula hoop or land inside it. It's crucial to note that if the beanbag bounces out of the hoop, it doesn't count. If successful, the child rushes to the hula hoop, ensuring it touches the ground before flipping it over, thus moving it closer to a predetermined finish line that you've marked.

After flipping the hoop, the child retrieves the beanbag and passes it to the next team member. The game operates as a thrilling relay race, emphasizing the importance of swift beanbag retrieval. The team that successfully moves their hula hoop all the way to the finish line first wins!

Three kids holding onto each other while playing with a hula hoop.


2. Hula Hoop Blob Tag

Start the game with one player carrying a hula hoop. This player is “it” and must tag the other players. However, there's a twist. When a player gets tagged, they grab onto the hula hoop, forming a chain or "blob" of taggers. This chain can grow as more players are tagged. Only the first four players hold onto the hoop, additional players may link arms with the first four to grow the blob.

The challenge for the blob is that they must work together to tag the remaining players. They can stretch and bend but cannot let go of the hula hoop or each other. The game continues until all players have been tagged and become part of the blob, or until a time limit is reached. 

Hula Hoop Blob Tag encourages teamwork and strategy as the blob attempts to surround and tag the remaining players. It's a dynamic and engaging game that often leads to lots of laughter and excitement.

A young girl in a pink dress holding a hula hoop.


3. Hula Hoop Rolling Relay Race

Divide the class into teams and set up a path for a relay race. Each student must roll their hula hoop while racing to a designated spot and back. The first team to finish wins. It's a fantastic way to get the kids moving while having a blast.

3.B Hula Hoop Relay Course

In addition to the original relay race, place cones to navigate around, a jump rope on the ground to follow, or any other obstacle of your choosing to make the relay race more interesting! For older grades, students must keep the hoop rolling the entire time. If they drop it, they have to start over!

A kid sitting on a bean bag watching another kid play with a hula hoop.


4. Hula Hoop Hopscotch 

Let's combine the classic hopscotch with a hula hoop activity! Lay hoops in a hopscotch pattern and have students take turns hopping in and out, trying to land in the right spots. This game enhances balance and coordination.

A group of students sitting on a gym floor with hula hoops and other equipment.


5. Hula Hoop Obstacle Course 

Transform your gym into an exciting hula hoop relay course. Place hoops at various spots and challenge students to navigate through them without touching the hoops. It's an excellent way to develop agility and problem-solving skills. To enhance your obstacle course, place stations for jump rope or jumping jacks to get your kids heart rate up and add some variety to the activity. 

6. Hula Hoop Tennis

Time to add a twist to regular tennis. Hand each student a hula hoop, and instead of rackets, use them to hit soft tennis balls or larger inflatable balls back and forth over a net. Watch the hilarity and physical activity ensue!

A kid holding a hula hoop and smiling.


7. Hula Hoop Hop 

Set up a hopping challenge. Students must hop while hula hooping! See who can keep up the longest!

8. Hula Hoop Simon Says

Give every student a hula hoop and designate one student as "Simon". Following all the same rules as the original Simon Says, Simon might have the others spin their hula hoop clockwise, counter-clockwise, hop on one leg, spin their hula hoop on their arm, stop spinning, etc. 

9. Hula Hoop Toss 

Hula Hoop Toss is a lively outdoor game where players take turns tossing hula hoops to encircle cones or other targets. Players stand behind a starting line and use various tossing techniques. Scoring is established, with points awarded for successfully encircling the target. Each player typically has a set number of attempts. The player or team with the highest total score after the specified number of rounds or attempts wins. This game encourages hand-eye coordination and is adaptable for different age groups and skill levels, providing an opportunity for friendly competition. Challenge them to get creative with their hoop throwing skills!

Kids running around playing with hula hoops and ribbons.


10. Hula Hoop Catch 

Pair up your students and have them toss a hula hoop to their team member. The challenge? Catch the hoop while it's spinning! This game enhances hand-eye coordination.

11. Hula Hoop Zombie Tag 

In this high-energy game of tag, one student is a  “zombie”, marked by a hula hoop aroudn their waist, and must tag others. Once tagged, a new "zombie" (student) places a hula hoop around their waist and joins the "zombies" in the pursuit. 

12. Hula Hoop Dance-Off 

Crank up the music and let the kids showcase their best dance moves within the hoop. It's an excellent way to encourage creativity and teamwork.

Two kids playing with a hula hoop together.


13. Hula Hoop Limbo 

How low can you go? Use a hula hoop as the bar in a limbo contest. Students must bend backward and pass under the hoop without touching it or falling. It's a great way to test flexibility.

14. Hula Hoop Aerobics 

Combine hula hooping with aerobics. Create a routine that includes hula hoop moves, such as waist hooping and arm spinning. It's an exciting way to get some cardiovascular exercise.

15. Hula Hoop Soccer

Set up goals using hula hoops and have students play soccer with a soccer ball or soft ball equivalent. This game combines soccer skills with the added challenge of maneuvering the ball through the hoops. 


For a twist, have more than two teams, with each team having its own hula hoop goal and ball. 


Alternativly, play with one ball and two teams, but multiple hoops.

A happy kid hula hooping.


Incorporating these hula hoop games into your physical education classes will not only keep the kids active but also help them develop vital motor skills. Remember, the key is to make physical activity enjoyable and engaging. 

Hula hooping isn't just a pastime; it's a fun and effective way to promote physical activity and teamwork. By integrating these creative hula hoop games into your P.E. curriculum, you'll ensure that your students are not only moving but also having a blast while doing so.

In conclusion, hula hoops are more than just circles of fun; they're fantastic tools for promoting physical activity and honing essential motor skills in kids. Incorporating these hula hoop games into your P.E. classes will keep your students engaged and energized, fostering a lifelong love for physical education.

So, what are you waiting for? Grab those hoops, assemble your teams, and let the hula hoop games begin! It's time for a whirlwind of excitement in your P.E. class.

Two small children holding on to an orange colored hula hoop.

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