Volley Games for Kids

Volley Games for Kids

Whether you're looking for volley games to spice up volleyball practice or you're looking for games to entertain a group, here are 13 fun volley games that will keep kids entertained. 

1. Blanket Volleyball  

Blanket volleyball is an easy game to play on a volleyball net. To play, all you need is a large blanket for each team. One team starts by putting the volleyball in the center of their blanket and launching the ball over the net. The other team catches the ball in their blanket and then launches the ball back over the net. The volley continues back and forth until the ball flies out of the court.  

blanket volleyball


This game is simple and perfect for large groups. If you need to incorporate more people, add two blankets. Crowd as many people around the two blankets and separate the court in half. With two blankets, there are two teams on both sides of the court, requiring more people to work together and communicate. Using two smaller blankets makes the game more competitive. 

2. Blind Volleyball

To play Blind Volleyball, you will need several large sheets. Drape the sheets over the net so that one side can't see the other side. Divide your group into two teams and put them on either side of the net. You will also need a referee to stand in the middle and watch both sides of the game.  

The starting team hits the ball over the net. The receiving team won't see where the ball is coming from until the ball is already flying over the net.  

This game requires the teams to be fast on their feet and ready for anything. It also means that the kids will have to focus on working as a team while watching their individual sections. 

3. Life-Sized Battleship 

Life-sized Battleship is exciting and is sure to get the kids laughing. To play, set up the volleyball net and drape a large sheet over so both sides are obscured from the opposite team. Have the two teams lay down on the court in various positions.  

The starting team will serve a beach ball over the net and try to hit one of the players (without knowing where the player is). If they hit one of the players, the team gets the point. On their next turn, they can aim for the same area. If they hit the same player a second time, that player is out, leaving the serving team in the lead.  

This game encourages the teams to learn weak spots on their opposing team's setup, memorizing where to hit the ball and where not to hit the ball. This is a fun, entertaining game perfect for when the kids need a break from volleyball. 

human battleship

4. Team Serve Challenge 

A team serve challenge encourages the kids to learn to improve their serves while also making it into a competition. To play, you will need all of your volleyballs.  

Separate the group into two teams and place them on opposite sides of the court. The entire team will line up on the serving line. Give every team member a volleyball and have them serve the ball to the other side. Every successful serve is a point for the team.   

As the teams serve the balls back and forth, they can run after balls from the other team, come back to the serving line, and serve again. Ideally, it should be a constant movement back and forth. At the end of a predetermined amount of time, count up the points, and declare the winner.  

This game is easy to set up since all you need is the volleyball court and volleyballs. The kids will get the hang out it fairly quickly, and it will help them improve their skills with serving the ball over the net. The game emphasizes the team while also encouraging individual effort to serve the ball over the net. 


5. Volley Pass Relay  

For this game, separate the group into two teams and place half of both teams on either side of the gym or playing area. Within the teams, everyone needs a partner. 

Choose one set of partners from both teams to start. They will bump and ball back and forth between them as they side-step from one side of the gym to the other. When they make it to the other half of their team, they pass the ball to a new partner set. This pattern continues until every partnership has made it from one side to the other. The team who completes the relay first wins. 

The volley pass relay is perfect for encouraging the team to practice passing and bumping the ball. It ensures that every person gets a lot of practice, and those who are most efficient at passing the ball are rewarded with a win. 


volley pass

6. Set, Spike!

This volley activity is simple and focuses on helping the kids to practice setting and spiking the ball and back and forth. Fill both sides of the court. Have the team serve as if it were a regular volleyball drill. At any point, yell, "Set, Spike!"  

If you yell, "Set, spike!" whoever has the ball must set it up, and the person next to them must spike. If the team with the ball misses the spike, the other team gets the point. This version of volleyball uses spikes as currency rather than the traditional scoring system.  

The teams have to stay on their toes, ready for the next time you yell out to spike the ball. This interesting version of volleyball ensures that the main focus stays on setting a spiking the ball. It's a great game for encouraging the team to practice. 

volleyball spike

7. 9 Square 

9 Square gets the team out of the volleyball court. Instead of playing volleyball on a volleyball court, bring the players to a 9 Square court. 9 Square is a three by three court where nine squares hang suspended above the players head. Each player has their own square.  



Introduce a volleyball into the court and have the players set the ball into the air. As they set the ball, the ball must fly back up out of their square and into another player's square. Other than adding a volleyball, the Nine Square rules stay the same. This game helps the players practice setting. 

9 square with strong metal frame and nets


HORSE is a traditional basketball game. However, rather than playing with a basketball, play with a volleyball. To start, give each player a volleyball. A starting volleyball player will try to set the volleyball into the basketball hoop. If they make it, everyone following must set the volleyball into the hoop from the same place. When someone misses, they get an H. 

The game continues, taking turns with who starts the game. As the players miss the basketball hoop, they gain additional letters. If someone gets all the letters in HORSE, they're out. The goal is to avoid getting any letters at all.  

Playing HORSE with volleyball players encourages them to set with accuracy. 


basketball hoop

9. Serving Bullseye

Serving Bullseye is a way to practice serving while also making the activity fun for the players. Set up several different targets through the gym. For this, you can use paper and tape the paper to the walls. However, make sure that the targets are away from any windows or lights since the players will serve the volleyballs at the targets.  

Feel free to be creative with the bullseyes. If you're playing outdoors, you can draw out a large target on the ground with chalk (though you'll want to use old volleyballs if you plan on spiking them onto the pavement). Every time someone hits the bullseye, they get the point.  

At the end of the game, count up everyone's points. Crown the winner as the best server. This simple game is easy to set up and helps the team practice their serving.  

kid playing volleyball

10.  Keep It Up!

Keep It Up is one of the easiest volley games you can play. The only thing you need is a volleyball. Group the team together and toss the volleyball into the ground. Instruct them to keep the ball from touching the ground, no matter what.  

Encourage them to duck, dive, and jump to keep the ball up. If the ball touches the ground, the whole group loses and must complete a punishment challenge such as five pushups, a lap around the gym, or ten jumping jacks.  

If the group can keep the ball up for five minutes without it falling, the group gets a reward, such as a candy bar or small toy, depending on the group's age. If you're playing the game as part of volleyball practice, a good reward is to let the kids out a few minutes early. 

Keep it up game

11. Beach Volleyball

Beach volleyball is a classic volleyball that requires lots of physical activity while also improving the team's volleyball skills. It is also the perfect game to play to get the kids outside and to encourage them to be active.  

Beach volley, also called sand volleyball, is played in a sandpit. Professional beach volleyball only has two players on either team. However, for this game, set up the teams as if you're playing a regular volleyball game, but with the added challenge of running through sand.  

The thickness of the sand makes it more difficult to run, which burns more energy. Each kid will have to adjust to the new surface, adding another layer of challenge. Even if you're not working with an organized team, it's fairly easy to find a sand volleyball pit nearby. Most cities include sand volleyball within neighborhoods as an option for club volleyball. 

The game will improve their skill and help them to work together as a team. 

beach volleyball

12. Volley Toss 

To play Volley Pass, group everyone into pairs. Essentially, Volley Toss is like an egg toss, but with a volleyball instead. The players can bump, forearm pass, spike, or serve the ball to the other person. The ball has to go from the server to their partner and back to the server to be considered a complete pass.  

If the team doesn't complete their round, they sit down. If the team does complete their round, they each take a step back and start again. The game continues until there is only one team standing.  

You can also make their game more difficult by combining it with a fun volleyball drill, though this is more advanced and would be better for those with a higher skill level. To play this version, the starting player must serve the ball to their team member. The team member must set the ball back, and the starting player must spike the ball. If they can't complete the round, they're out of the game. 

volleyball toss


13. Pool Noodle Slap 

Take a break from volleyballs and use beach balls and pool noodles. This game is ideal for young kids since it requires less skill. Instead, it focuses on creating hand eye coordination. The only volleyball equipment needed for this game is the net. 

Set up the teams as if you're playing regular volleyball, but then hand each kid a pool noodle. They will use the pool noodles to slap the beach ball back and forth over the net without letting the volleyball touch the ground. It's a fun variation to traditional volleyball.  


pool noodle volleyball
Volley Games for Kids

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